Dianthus chinensis the 'China Pink'. Dianthus plants, commonly called Garden Pinks, produce a grass like foliage with an abundance of frilly flowers, some of which have a wonderful spicy fragrance. This new, rare and most-gorgeous, bone hardy, soundly perennial dark red Dianthus was used by Cleve West, to make a sensation when the Daily Telegraph garden won best in show at Chelsea 2011. Petite carnation relatives, "pinks" are easy to grow for fancy, fragrant cut glowers. In late spring, hundreds of shocking magenta pink flowers contrast beautifully against evergreen silvery blue foliage.Flowers will often repeat again later in the summer when the weather turns cool.. Dianthus Seeds and Plants. Scroll down to browse the list and/or buy online. Dianthus are also popular cut flowers as are Allium, Echinacea, or Delphinium in a cut flower border. Best of all, Dianthus are easy to grow with a minimum of five hours of full sun. The low growing varieties are great in rock gardens and lining pathways. Dianthus has it all, an easy care nature, attractive blooms, and sweetly fragrant flowers. Dianthus flowers thrive on rich, fast draining, alkaline soil, with a pH balance around the 6.75 level. Dianthus barbatus are known as 'Sweet William' as well as 'pinks'. Our Dianthus plants for sale are shipped with well-established root systems. Dianthus for Sale. Neat mounds of gray-green foliage make them great front border plants. Double crimson fragrant flowers. Dianthus 'Firewitch' is the ultimate in fragrance! Seasons of Interest: Evergreen foliage keeps the Dianthus interesting year-round and the long flowering season means the plant provides bright colors in spring, summer and fall. Dianthus Varieties and common names. Dianthus caryophyllus is the 'Clove Pink' and the cultivar Mars is pictured right. Some varieties are called carnations, however with over 300 species, the variety available is huge. The matt forming Dianthus deltoides is the 'Maiden Pink'. Durable, hardy, easy to grow ground cover deserves a spot in your perennial garden. Dianthus have so much to offer, edible flowers, evergreen foliage, drought tolerant, fragrant and even cut flowers. Butterflies are attracted to Dianthus as well as Asters and Foxglove. Use Dianthus as an edging plant, in the front of the border, or in container gardens and window boxes; wherever you plant it, … Satisfaction Guaranteed × Grow Dianthus in full sun and well drained soil. Use perennial dianthus in mixed containers or plant them … All perennial dianthus have pretty blue-green foliage that looks terrific paired with their deliciously fragrant pink, white, rose, yellow, red, or bi-colored flowers. Despite many of the the common names not all species and cultivars are pink. You may need to improve the soil by adding 2 inches of compost and one inch of manure. Sweet Williams and carnations are excellent long lasting cut flowers. Dianthus is a diverse group of flowers, offering a wonderful range of colors and applications, from use in containers and mixed borders to cutflower, scented, cottage, butterfly, and heirloom gardens. Dianthus or “Garden Pinks” are a perennial plant used widely in gardens for many years. We have a range of over 150 heritage, new hybrids and species Dianthus and are constantly adding to our offering. Butterflies love the nectar-rich blooms, too. This variety is also available as an annual. And it is yet another great plant for attracting bees and butterflies into the garden, and if content will naturalise moderately. This sun plant is a fine addition for your cut flower garden. Dianthus / Pinks. Attracts pollinators! They are not never all available at the same time, but most are available at some point throughout the year. Few seeds collected. Buy your dianthus plants here online at GreenwoodNursery.com.