Buu can be stated to be around Galaxy Level with an extreme lowball. not only does he have a similar abilities to Buu's regeneration and absorption but he already know most of Frieza's moves along with everything the Z-fighters have developed since Goku destroyed the Red Ribbon Army as a boy. This is all thanks to … Golden Frieza's power is enough to annihilate every cell of Buu's body, and he can do it without much effort. He can regen, absorb and learn new abilities in combat. He can't twist his body out of the way of attacks, whereas Buu can. Now as far as power levels are concerned, I don't believe pre-BOG Goku's base form ever went over 5 Million, Beerus stated he wasn't enough to defeat Freiza as he was and so that he eneded to use a Transformation,, SSJ1 alone would increase a 5 million power level all the way up to 250 Million, that's already in the same range as Regular Perfect Cell which is still pretty powerful, SSJ2 would of give someone with a base form of 5 Million a power level of 500 Million which is a hell of a lot stronger then even Super Perfect Cell and even more powerful then SSJ2 Gohan was during the cell games so it isn't weak. These numbers don't add up in-series. Even with the huge nerf Buu gets from equalizing their power levels he should take every round he participates in. Buuhan was way way stronger but there wasnt enough info for me to ascertain a real figure for his power but likely more than 10x Kid Buu. Posted by 3 months ago. According to math I did Freeza was 120 m (as we know for fact) and I have Cell at around 1B so about 9 times stronger than Freeza and Kid Buu at about 10B about 10x Cell. Well. Once Cell is strong enough he could wipe out Buu in one shot. Frieza is SoL here. Final Form(100%): This is a 50x increase, meaning Frieza is at least 300x Planetary. So through powerscaling: Cell is hundreds of thousands of times stronger than Frieza. then there were Gohan, who was a bit stronger then Super Mr Perfect Cell, who were stronger then Mr Perfect Cell. Second Form: 2x Planetary (Via powerlevels his power somewhat doubles.). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The only way Frieza has a chance is planet busting which has been shown not to work against Buu. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. He's a damn prodigy when it comes to fighting. As for Cell v Frieza, I think Cell should take it since he has more versatile attacks and seems to be a much more intelligent fighter. Buu can copy all of Cell's powers just by watching them. Buu's body is a really huge advantage. Cell needs to have every single cell in his body destroyed (if you go by Funimation, which is the only version that makes sense given Goku's IT Kamehameha). I remind you all folks this is NOT Dragon Ball GT where it displayed a Gohan who had been without training for 20 years (10 years after Kid Buu´s death and another 10 till the start of GT) The Gohan we all saw getting K.O.´ed in one punch by Form 1 Frieza in the RoF movie is a Gohan with barely 2 or not even 3 years of lack of training after Kid Buu´s death. So, we decided to take a look at five things Frieza can do that Cell can't, and Vice Versa. Between Cell and Buu, I'd argue Cell is more skilled, but I honestly don't think it matters. Edit: Bonus Round: Every main form of these villains makes a team, normalized power levels again but can team-work lend any advantages? Zanar Aesthetics 313,742 views. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I'm gonna say Cell. Round 1: Buu Round 2: Buu Round 3: Cell Round 4: Buu. Perhaps SSJ3 Gogeta or Vegito actually was more powerful then we thought he was, Goku stated fusion with vegeta wasn't enough to fight Beerus yet when you think about it, SSJG wasn't strong enough either. Cookies help us deliver our Services. His regeneration is by far the best. Trunks one shotted Frieza, he was nothing to the original androids, which were weaker then the 18 and 17 we know. Even if he regenerated at the same rate as Cell or even Piccolo, he takes practically no damage from hand to hand because of his elasticity. Frieza has 1st, 2nd, 3rd, final and cyborg. Freiza is done for. I can't really think of a way for them to put Buu down. LC8 Schmuck HipHop Dragon Ball Zeichentrickfigur Piccolo Friesa Son Goku Cell Buu Broly Super Majin CZ Anhänger Iced Out Kreativ Kristall 18K Gold Versilbert Halskette für Herren Damen und Kinder Material: 18 Karat vergoldet, Edelstahl, Zirkonia, mit 61 cm langer Edelstahlkette. A subreddit for all things Dragon Ball! Not to mention his insane durability. If we take away the regen of Buu and Cell, who would win in that case do you reckon? He's just plain evil. Even ignoring the difference in power level, Cell and Buu are far more versatile than Freiza. Round 3, Cell 10/10 Frieza has no way of killing Cell except by blowing the planet up which I'm sure they could both survive, the Edge for Cell here is regeneration and the fact that he has most of Frieza's abilities already programmed into his brain. Cell has the best feats for this type of battle. If their starting power is equal, it's unlikely Buu could wipe out Cell in one shot, meaning he'd merely injure Cell who would just get stronger. Frieza via powerscaling can be considered this: First Form: Planetary (Even though he's tens of times stronger than Vegeta during his first visit to Earth. Normal amounts of regen for Cell and Buu. Is it by far, though? edit: grammar fixes, typed on my phone. Not allowed to destroy the planet immediately. That being said, with Zenkai boost, Cell could rapidly outpace Buu if he didn't destroy him entirely, if that's allowed. Buu's regen is absolutely ridiculous. Gohan Buu vs Frieza (超ブウ VS フリーザ) - Duration: 2:37. Buu has Kid Buu, Super Buu, Fat Buu and Evil Buu (The ugly grey one that nobody probably likes). Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! Cell, I guess.