A … It consists of a torus, or doughnut-shaped ring, with a central "hub" in the middle. This is the principle design considered by NASA during a 10 week study of space colonization. Elysium. 2013: The Neil Blomkamp film Elysium has an enormous space station called Elysium (an open-roofed station 20 to 45 kilometres (12 to 28 mi) in diameter, somewhere between a much-larger open-roofed Bishop Ring and a smaller, fully enclosed Stanford Torus.) The Elysium Exoskeleton and Space Station. A Stanford Torus is a proposed design for a space habitat that is capable of housing 10,000 permanant residents. Specifically, a design called the Stanford Torus, proposed by NASA in 1975. Scientists envisioned a … During the 1970’s, NASA began to solicit ideas from all over the country for designs of a space colony and one of the designs that became well-known is what has become known as the Stanford Torus. 7. Yes, many of those plot elements are fantastical—but a lot of very smart people have been thinking about things like Stanford torus space stations as far back as the 1970s. Design god Syd Mead famously produced renderings of a Stanford Torus in his concept work for the space habitat in the 2013 sci-fi film "Elysium." Elysium was a vision of the afterlife developed by certain ancient Greek philosophical and religious cults and sects. The orbital satellite of Elysium is designed using the theoretical “Stanford Torus” design. ... "One of the top answers to that challenge was the Stanford Torus… The design of Elysium's space station is based on real science. ... particularly the giant Stanford Torus space station. According to an interview on io9, Elysium‘s visual effects producer based the design of the space station on the Stanford Torus, first conceived by NASA in … The torus is connected to the hub by six spokes. Crave's Eric Mack speaks to one of the folks behind humanity's biggest space station about how far off a real-world "Elysium" might be. "One of the top answers to that challenge was the Stanford Torus. It was surprising to learn that the Elysium station was inspired from a real life NASA concept. The design of Elysium itself harkens back to the ideas for space stations thought up by NASA in the 1970s. Selected Science Fiction Portrayals: Stanford torus–like space stations are depicted in the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey and 2013's Elysium.