Western shipments are not guaranteed in the months of July-August. click here. You pay nothing more. Spraylus Purple Ginger Plant (costus sp) Rigid purple cone shaped flowers appear atop this beautiful cold hardy ginger. (Note: The item sku number can be found just below the buy button.) Malay ginger. Use moist potting soil, maybe a little more moist while rooting. Once shipped all sales are final, tracking info. tall, has bright red waxy bracts … No. Orders placed from the western regions can have an extended delivery time up to 8 days, we strongly recommend orders be placed in early spring or late fall to avoid hot summer temps. Add in compost to give the ground a boost in helping your plant sprout. You can grow ginger plants on rich humus-filled soil, either on the ground or in a pot. I mean, really addicted. The Ginger plant thrives in loose fertile soil with a warm and humid environment. When applying fertilizer to the soil, make a small burrow 12-18 inches deep and slowly release your low nitrogen fertilizer and supplement it with calcium, phosphorus, and compost for added organic material that will help your ginger develop well. In their native habitats, Curcuma longa emerges during the monsoon season and are triggered to become dormant by dry weather. Butterfly Lily Ginger’s roots are extracted for starch and cellulose which is used for paper and textile manufacturing. We do not guarantee plants due to extreme temperatures during shipping. I have some beautiful peacock gingers for sale. Immediately unpack your plants very carefully, most damage occurs in the hurried attempt to see the new plants. The root, sometimes called rhizome, looks like a brown cork and has a yellow-colored inside. Torch ginger is traditionally used as a spice and helps with food preservation. You’ll recognize the Torch Ginger easily due to its odd colorful flower that can appear red, orange, or pink. True to its name, Baby Gingers are the small, tender, and sweeter counterpart of the semi-hard fibrous ginger that we commonly know and get from the grocery. Flowers are borne in a dense, elliptic spike on a stalk about 25cm above the rhizome, the large oblong-ovate lips, purple with yellow spots and stripes, emerging from yellowish-green bracts Plant … It’s recognized for its flowers that hang from its bracts. Spraylus Purple Costus Ginger enjoy a well drained, general potting mix easily found at your local box store. Your ginger plant’s height will depend on the environment where it’s settled and how healthy it is. WHAT PLANTS ARE SAFE FOR KIDS AND PETS? I kept it simple so you can start planting them during your free time and in your home as soon as possible. With the current USDA regulations regarding shipment of live plants, our family of growers are restricted to and governed by the guidelines for certification within the lower 48 states only. Green manure also helps with weed growth and prevents soil and nutrients from being washed off during heavy rains. Uses:Other than for decorative purposes and its fragrant smell, Beehive Ginger has been used as a topical medicine to treat inflammation, headaches, and burns particularly in Indonesia. Botanical Name. Ornamental Gingers are iconic tropical and subtropical plants that have spectacular, brightly coloured flowers. Your new plants’ pot is then bagged to ensure that the soil stays in the pot and not loose in the box. Skip to main content Hello, Sign in. Ginger Photos - Some of the 50 Plus Gingers we offer.Click on Image for Larger Pictures. WHAT DO I DO IF MY SHIPMENT ARRIVES CRUSHED OR DAMAGED? Its nature makes it easy for the plant to spread but it hinders native species on the soil to thrive and regenerate. Its rhizome serves as a traditional medicine that helps treat fever, cough, and purgative for intestinal worms. In 8-10 months, ginger plants are considered fully grown but they reach maturity usually in about 10-12 months from the time they sprout. How to propagate or separate variegated ginger or shell ginger plants During maturity, you’ll see a shy white, purple, or cream-colored flower hiding in the center of its tall leaves.Care:They bloom in summer and need constant moisture in the soil during active development. With our state of the art packaging we can ensure that your new plant arrives in style. This will cause your ginger root to rot and your whole plant to die. If your plant arrives a bit shaken and stressed, simply follow your plants "Care & Culture" instructions and it should return to its full beauty and luster with in a few weeks. For your pets you may want to visit the ASPCA. This species needs a lot of sun with partial shade, as with many ornamental ginger plants. We not only trust UPS® with our plants. click here. We do NOT ship to AK, HI, PR or internationally. You can see the various pot sizes and actual plants ready to ship. The beehive ginger is a type of ornamental ginger plant. **Please understand, we are unable to constantly monitor the temperatures across the entire United States. It has antioxidant properties too that will get rid of the free radicals in the body. Its roots are said to be aphrodisiac and are also used as an appetite stimulant. Presently we only ship inside the lower 48 states. Read your packing slip. It is important not to overwater and do not place under direct sunlight. Also known as “Kahili Ginger,” yellow ginger is a relative of white ginger, it is also an ornamental yet invasive plant. If in question, please do your homework prior to ordering. Uses:Its flowers are used for garlands and they are also used as food flavoring. Local UPS Ground Shipping to: Florida and Georgia. Medicinal intake of ginger includes making it a supplement to your daily diet by either drinking it as a tea or eating it raw after a meal. Paillez le sol en été, fertilisez les plantes en pot et divisez les vieilles touffes dégarnies au printemps. Description: Hedychium Coronarium came from Asia and it got its name due to its flowers. They add a tropical accent to any outdoor space, garden or patio. Ginger has been known and proven to have medicinal properties throughout history. Sometimes they have cream-colored splotches on their petals. Plumeria are our most popular patio plant, always fresh and available in a multitude of colors and sizes. The flower’s color varies from yellow-green to light yellow with purple tips. Description:Also called “Globba Winitii” is local to Myanmar and Thailand. Best Seller in Grocery & Gourmet Food. Remember try to stay away from arid or wet, mucky soils. in-ground or in a container Costus grow vigorously when provided with moist well drained soil. Also, cultivated ginger for consumers is generally sterile and flowerless. 00 ($11.00/Count) FREE Shipping. Costus Ginger will grow happily and flower in a pot or in-ground. Don’t worry about drowning your ginger if your soil is loamy and your pot has enough drainage for the excess water to go through. The root’s skin is colored in varieties of brown with thin rings surrounding it. Sometimes mistakenly called ginger root, ginger is, in fact, a rhizome. Pineapple ginger. For more information, click the “best packaging” link at the bottom of this page. It is best to mulch your ginger plant with green manure as it helps retain the moisture and maintain the proper temperature in the soil during the dry season. Description:This plant is native to Eastern Asia and is commonly called Shell Flower. Pick up only, no holds. It also helps with flu or the common cold. At the current time we only ship to the lower 48 states. Tips to grow Zingiber officinale, beehive ginger, variegated shell ginger, Australian native gingers and galangal. 4 to 5 feet. CAN I CHANGE A SHIPPING ADDRESS ONCE I'VE PLACED AN ORDER? Friday. WILL MY PLANT SURVIVE IF IT ARRIVES WITH BROWN OR DAMAGED LEAVES? Your new plant is bagged to keep the soil moist and to ensure that the soil stays in the pot not loose in the box. They are easy to care for, too. Very tropical and easy to grow. I’m addicted to ginger plants. Our new landscape plugs come in 3 sizes, 5" deep x 2.5" round, 7" deep x 2" round and 9" deep x 2.5" round and are designated with a -5, -7 or -9 respectively.