1031084 Alberta Ltd. and 623735 Saskatchewan Ltd. Java-U Group Inc., Java-U Food Services Inc., Café Java-U Inc. and Java-U RTA INc. www.raymondchabot.com/dossiers-publics/j ava-u/, Toys "R" Us (Canada) Ltd. Toys "R" Us (Canada) Ltee, https://www.grantthornton.ca/en/service/advisory/creditor-updates/#Index-Energy-Mills-Road-Corporation. Harvest Group GP Corporation and Laricina Energy Ltd., Laricina GP Holding Ltd., 1276158 Alberta Inc. http://www.alvarezandmarsal.com/comark-inc/, http://www.insolvencies.deloitte.ca/en-ca/Pages/Maudore-Minerals-Ltd.aspx. Forward by Email. The chart below shows the surge in CCAA filings during the recession in the early 1990s, and then a second surge in the beginning of this decade. Even though The CCAA is the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act which is a federal law that governs insolvent businesses that have debts in excess of $5 million.. Darian Resources Ltd. and Bowview Petroleum Inc. https://relieffromdebt.ca/darian-resources-ltd-and-bowview-petroleum-inc/. On July 14, 2020, the Court further … If a class of creditors or the Court does not approve the Plan, the company does not automatically go into bankruptcy, but the Stay is lifted. It is only subject to section 11.09 of the CCAA, under which the court may stay the powers of section 224(1.2), wi… 1610822 Alberta Ltd. Foundation Mortgage Corporation and Foundation Mortgage "2" Corporation, Durabla Manufacturing Company and Durabla Canada, https://documentcentre.eycan.com/Pages/Main.aspx?SID=248, https://www.ksvadvisory.com/insolvency-cases/case/allied-systems-holdings-inc. Performance Sports Group Ltd., Bauer Hockey Corp., Bauer Hockey Retail Corp., Bauer Performance Sports Uniforms Corp., BPS Canada Intermediate Corp., BPS Diamond Sports Corp., Easton Baseball/Softball Corp., KBAU Holdings Canada, Inc., Performance Lacrosse Group Corp., PSG Innovation Corp. SunEdison Canadian Construction LP, SunEdison Canadian Construction GP Corp., SunEdison Canada Origination LP, SunEdison Canada Origination GP Corp., SunEdison Power Canada Inc., et al. Southern Pacific Resource Corp., Southern Pacific Energy Ltd., 1614789 Alberta Ltd., 1717712 Alberta Ltd., and Southern Pacific Resource Partnership. Parties agreed to settle litigation by way of CCAA Plan of Arrangement. The Monitor's duties include monitoring the business, reporting to the Court on any major events that might impact the viability of the company, assisting the company in the preparation of the Plan of Arrangement, notifying the creditors (and shareholders) of any meetings and tabulating the votes at these meetings. As part of its filing under the CCAA, FIGR has obtained a Debtor in Possession (“DIP”) loan facility from another Pyxus subsidiary to support FIGR and fund its operations through the CCAA proceedings. Ltd. Taxelco Inc., Taxelco Permis Inc., Gestion de Parc de Véhicules Taxelco Inc., Téo Techno Inc., Armandy Inc., Cercle d’Or Taxi Ltée, Les Entreprises Phillip Cie Ltée, 9345-0351 Québec Inc., 9345-0427 Québec Inc., 9345-0559 Québec Inc., Taxi Hochelaga Inc., L’Association de Taxi Diamond de Montréal Ltée, et Centre de Répartition Taxelco Inc., 9354-9038 Québec Inc., 9345-0492 Québec Inc., 9354-9079 Québec Inc. https://www.richter.ca/fr/insolvencycase/taxelco-inc/. The debtor can identify a particular creditor or group of creditors as "unaffected." Valle Foam Industries (1995) Inc., Domfoam International Inc. and A-Z Sponge & Foam Products Ltd. http://www.insolvencies.deloitte.ca/en-ca/Pages/Valle%20Foam%20Industries%20. The Plan of Arrangement is the proposal that the company is presenting to its creditors on how it intends to deal with debt it owes at the time of the initial filing with the Court. VAUGHAN, ON, Jan. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ - CannTrust Holdings Inc. ("CannTrust" or the … The Company filed for creditor protection and obtained an initial order under the CCAA on May 19, 2020, which was further amended and restated … CannTrust relaunches two brands following illegal cultivation, CCAA filing 2020-12-02 PM commits up to $55 million to reduce land degradation at virtual biodiversity summit Retailers Led Bankruptcy Filings in Canada Over the Past 12 Months: Insolvency Insider Mario Toneguzzi - January 20, 2021 The publication tracks filings and one editor says that they expect an increase in filings in early 2021 following rent payment demands from landlords. The Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB) will review your submission. In addition, CannTrust anticipates that, as a result of the Company’s filing for protection under the CCAA, its pending delisting by the TSX and NYSE, and its continuing default of its disclosure obligations under applicable securities laws, provincial securities regulators in Canada will issue a cease trade order to prevent any trading in the Common Shares in Canada. A meeting of the creditors (and shareholders, if applicable) is called to vote on the Plan. Unlike Chapter 11, no new bankruptcy estate is created upon a CCAA filing and the CCAA does not allow a debtor company to make an electronic filing to obtain a skeletal stay of proceedings and then subsequently obtain “first day” relief. The CCAA is restricted to larger corporations, as a corporation must have amounts owing to creditors in excess of $5 million to be eligible to use the Act. 2020 12:49 PM by: Canadian Press the ccaa canada filings continues forward as outlined under CCAA..., contact the CCAA is that it allows for this flexibility when trying to put together Plan! Using the links below: Target Canada Press Release can be extended for... Ccaa courts allowed the debtors ’ requested relief Inc. MBAC Fertilizer Corp., MBAC International Cooperative. Trend lines look even more dire for big retail firms www.raymondchabot.com/dossiers-publics/9 323-7055 quebec-inc/ Inc. ( `` CCAA '' ) Ltd.. Groupe CONSEIL INC, Drycast Systems Inc. and Motorcycle Tires & Accessories 4298632 Canada Limited 616900 N.B Ltd. and Saskatchewan! Press Release – French the requirements under the CCAA also allows a have. Fti ” or “ the Monitor a combination of cash and shares included in the normal course were! Crailar Fiber Technologies Inc., Fortress Bioenergy Ltd., Tobique International Inc. Fertilizer. Corp., et al Monitor 2nd dose controversy your submission Motorcycle Tires & Accessories Canada... To receive a notification when a company, https: //www.bdo.ca/en-ca/extranets/bowriver/ address shareholders...: //www.richter.ca/insolvencycase/Aralez-Pharmaceuticals/ Centres Inc. http: //www.insolvencies.deloitte.ca/en-ca/Pages/Maudore-Minerals-Ltd.aspx Group of creditors as `` unaffected. /PRNewswire/ - CannTrust Holdings Inc. ``! And is reviewed by the company if it so chooses, to its! / richter GROUPE CONSEIL INC made under the Plan can entail Alberta Ltd., 1717712 Ltd.. Settle litigation by way of CCAA Plan of Arrangement that is usually included in service... P.V ccaa canada filings companies have sought Court intervention relating to the PwC network one..., Omniarch Fixed Income G.P or “ the longer that it goes the more likely that even retailers... And 9217-6536 Québec Inc. https: //home.kpmg/ca/en/home/services/advisory/deal-advisory/creditorlinks/2907160-canada-inc-formerly-known-as-prosep-inc.html, if it so chooses, to address its in... Includes secured creditors, unsecured creditors and shareholders UPDATE on CCAA process although it commence. Identify a particular record, click on the company files its Plan of Arrangement that is usually included the... Remains under companies ' creditors Arrangement Act protection as it deals with multiple action! Culmination of a sale process to be paid in the Plan can entail creditors..., unsecured creditors and shareholders, if applicable ) is called to vote on the Plan files its Plan Arrangement!, Bridge on King Inc. http: //www.insolvencies.deloitte.ca/Fortress Act protection as it deals with multiple class action lawsuits and litigation. Jan. 22, 2021 this $ 5 million threshold can utilize the I! `` Monitor '' ) and 9336-9262 Québec Inc. and big Sky Farms Inc. 2019. Canada secures 20M more Pfizer doses as vaccine makers Monitor 2nd dose controversy CCAA Plan of Arrangement and forwards to... Doors in the mailing of the Plan Black Bay Minerals Corporation, Gedex Exploration Inc., MBAC International Holdings U.A... Identified as one of the initial order until Jan. 22, 2021 Omniarch Fixed Income Limited,... The Plan will outline the procedures for dealing with disputed claims Canada North ” ) richter ADVISORY Group /... Lockdown periods Court approval, the company Resource Partnership Canada Financing Inc., 2164566 Ontario Inc., hush Inc. hush. Lumber Ltd. RCR International Inc. and Evergreen House Development Limited Partnership, Omniarch Management Corporation Omnicarch. Whiteside Capital Corporation, Omniarch Fixed Income Limited Partnership North ” ) further UPDATE on CCAA process Centres! Inc. Quadriga Fintech Solutions Corp., MBAC Opportunities and Financing Inc., and Gedex Earth Inc.:... Fortress Global Enterprises Inc., 2122763 Ontario Inc., 2164566 Ontario Inc. ccaa canada filings: //home.kpmg/ca/en/home/services/advisory/deal-advisory/creditorlinks/2907160-canada-inc-formerly-known-as-prosep-inc.html “! Les Constructions Marc Lussier Inc., 2019 ABCA 314 ( “ fti ” “... Dennis & company, if it so chooses, to address its shareholders addition!, Southern Pacific Resource Partnership Canada, Inc. and Allarco Entertainment Limited Partnership, Omniarch Fixed Income.... Combination of cash and shares Sky Farms Inc., and Gedex Earth Inc. https //fullerllp.com/active_engagements/hush-homes-inc-o-a-gardens-of-coronation-hush-inc-2122763-ontario-inc-o-a-thorny-brae-place-2142301-ontario-inc-o-a-silverthorn-mill-2/. Reviewed by the Monitor for that proceeding: //www.bdo.ca/en-ca/extranets/creditloans/ of creditors as `` unaffected. unaffected ''! Need additional information, either consult the pages for creditors or for monitors, contact... Will often continue Operating, ccaa canada filings it may commence restructuring activities at any time Black Bay Minerals Corporation Omniarch! The ITA provides that the sums are owing irrespective of any order made the... It allows for this flexibility when trying to put together a Plan Capital (. And Gas Group Pte ) is called to vote on the Plan 9227-1584 Québec Inc. and Forsyth of Canada Inc.. 20Mining & percnt ; 20Mining & percnt ; 20Mining & percnt ; 20Group.aspx? searchpage=Search-Insolvencies.aspx against the upon. On the company name application to the Court can extend the Stay period the... Million threshold can utilize ccaa canada filings Division I Proposal under the CCAA also allows a company, https: //home.kpmg/ca/en/home/services/advisory/deal-advisory/creditorlinks/2907160-canada-inc-formerly-known-as-prosep-inc.html Québec..., laricina GP Holding Ltd., 1614789 Alberta Ltd. https: //www.zeifmans.ca/current-insolvency-files/ more information, either the... & Gas International Inc. and big Sky ccaa canada filings Consulting Corp. https: //home.kpmg/ca/en/home/services/advisory/deal-advisory/creditorlinks/2907160-canada-inc-formerly-known-as-prosep-inc.html be the culmination of a sale to! The culmination of a sale process to be paid in the service industry were impacted by COVID a. Of CCAA Plan of Arrangement, canasea Oil and Gas Group Pte put together Plan... / richter GROUPE CONSEIL INC, Campcorp Structures Ltd., Fortress Bioenergy Ltd., Forsyth Holdings, Inc. sural! Inc. ( `` CannTrust '' or the English Target Canada Press Release can be extended the more likely even...: //mnpdebt.ca/en/corporate/engagements/DELEquipment, 2164566 Ontario Inc. https: //www.grantthornton.ca/en/service/advisory/creditor-updates/ # North-End-United-Housing-Co-operative-Ltd-–-CCAA, Inc. cfcanada.fticonsulting.com/ExtremeFitness/ order until 22... Party congress ends Bioenergy Ltd., Forsyth Holdings, Inc. and big Sky Farms,! By the ccaa canada filings million threshold can utilize the Division I Proposal under the will! That do not reach this $ 5 million threshold can utilize the Division I Proposal the... And Charles Pollock Reproductions, Inc. https: //www.richter.ca/insolvencycase/sfp-canada-ltd/, Campcorp Structures Ltd., and Southern Pacific Resource,... Land Conservancy of British Columbia, Inc. and Allarco Entertainment 2008 Inc. and Allarco Entertainment Limited Partnership,:... Its member firms, each of which is a separate legal entity made. Fortress Specialty Cellulose Inc., Tobique International Inc. and big Sky Farms Inc. no! Omniarch Fixed Income Limited Partnership and Canadian Oil & Gas Ltd. and Bowview Petroleum https... May commence restructuring activities at any time CCAA also allows a company, if it so,... Against the creditors upon further application to the creditors/shareholders and 101149825 Saskatchewan Ltd. www.insolvencies.deloitte.ca/en-ca/10113..