I like the 300 and 215 Berger as well but I still prefer the 270 with heavy for cal bullets. Following the immediate success of the .300 WSM in 2001, the .270 and 7mm WSM were introduced in 2002. I've had all WSM's but the 325 WSM at one time or another. Unless you like the 270 more. Lbs.) My favorite among all the new magnums is the .270 WSM. The last of these cartridges, the .325 WSM, was introduced in 2005. The .270 Winchester Short Magnum or .270 WSM is a short, unbelted, magnum Cartridge (firearms) created by necking down the .300 Winchester Short Magnum and fitting it with a .270 caliber bullet. But I found that with my .270win, the deer seem to drop at the shot with the 130 gn bullets and run a bit after being hit with the 150 grainers. If I were to go Elk hunting, I would flip a coin, or simply grab which one I felt like carrying that day. 500 yard shot on a whitetail buck. I have spoke to a couple of guys and guides telling me the Ballistics of a 270 WSM are very comparable to a 300 WSM plus a 270 is lighter and faster. Caliber: Bullet Weight: Overall Cartridge Length: Muzzle Velocity: Trajectory at 300 yds(100yds zero) Muzzle Energy(Ft. I would jump at the 300 if you plan on having a do all gun for moose or larger bear, otherwise I take the 270WSM hands down. Except the .270 WSM offers its performance from a shorter action, and does it with a shorter barrel. Shooting a TC Venture 270 WSM with hand loads. Like its siblings, the .270 WSM has gained a steady following for a variety of reasons. I tend to grab the 7WSM more often, simply because its new, and a little lighter package, but the 30-06 has never failed me, ever. I've been around and personally shot 270 WSM's a bunch, I was hung up on 140 & 150 class bullets then tried 130 Etips and never looked back, same for the 3 "boys" - wouldn't hesitate to shoot 600 yards if all else was right the 300 WSM would be AT LEAST that good as well I am not a big tech guy for Ballistics, but as far as I can see a 270 WSM highest grain is 150 and 300 WSM is 180. The 270 Winchester Short Magnum or 270 WSM is a short, unbelted, magnum cartridge created by necking down the .300 Winchester Short Magnum and fitting it with a .277 caliber bullet. When it was introduced, the .300 WSM sported a new case that showed a … Just because it can be done does not mean it makes sense, despite what you might read in advertising copy. It doesn’t break new ballistic ground; technically the 65-year-old .270 Weatherby Magnum is just as fast. Violate this principle by, for example, chambering a lightweight, short action rifle for a powerful Magnum cartridge like the .300 WSM and the result will be a dramatic increase in kick. The correct name for the cartridge, as listed by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute (), is 270 WSM, without a decimal point.It is a member of the Winchester Short Magnum family of cartridges. I planned to purchase and actully ordered a 300 WSM Sako 85 Finnlight. As if the 270 WSM won't kill game, or will somehow fail, I don't understand. The 7mm mag and 270wsm are so close ballistically that I'd stick with the old gun and sell the new one as new. Barnes TSX 130gr bullets. It is more available than the .270 Weatherby Magnum has ever been. I can usually find 300 and 270 WSM ammo at any store here in SC AK, but I can't say the same thing about 7mm WSM. Ballistics Comparison for 270 I still have 2 -300 WSMs and a 270 WSM. Haven't had an elk argue much with a 270 WSM even in the 900 + yard range, a 165 Matrix or 170 Berger seated in ideal position will fit the new 3.110 inside mag boxes for the rem short action. I am not a .270 Win fan, but I like my .270 WSM over the 300 WSM. I have a 7WSM, and a 30-06. The 270 WSM has over 200 fps gain, over 200 ft. lbs energy more and drops 3 inches less than the flat shooting 270 Win.